Not possible to copy-paste single automation node?

hey everyone,

this has literally been bugging me for years - since at least C7 -, and is still the case with the new C10.5, so finally a good reason to open my first topic.

in audio-track automation lanes it’s not possible to copy-paste a single automation node (via ctrl+c/ctrl+v).
it always has to be at least two of them, which in many cases means creating another node next to the one i want to copy-paste, bringing me back to the original problem of not being able to do so.
i know i can draw them manually but mostly end up with a value slightly diferring from the original one, which is obviously quite time-consuming & frustrating.

anyone else finding this highly unusual? or is this a bug? i couldn’t find anything on this after searching this forum and the web.

thanks in advance for chiming in!

no one?