Not possible to have repeat wings in Elements?

Is there a way to make repeat signs with wings without buying the full Dorico Pro? Seems like a pretty basic function.

You could post a sample file here, and a Pro user would be happy to change that option and save it. Or you could get a Pro demo.

Here you go.

Winged repeats.dorico (562.7 KB)

This file, which contains a flute and a piano, has some winged repeats.
You will need to use this file as a starting point for any Dorico project where you want winged repeats.
Make copies - as many as you want - and work on a (renamed) copy.
Add and delete instruments as you like.
Copying a selection containing repeats from this Dorico project to one which you have created will not carry over the winged attribute to the other file.
You can select a repeat barline and then use alt-click to paste it to where you want it.

Wings on repeat barlines are decorations. Decorations cost extra. They are not functional.

Trading on the kindness of others, who have already invested, is (IMO) contemptible.

You seem nice

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Very kind, thank you.