Not possible to Mute, Solo, Record

Using C13 Pro on MacBook Pro M1 Max 64Gb OS Sonoma 14.1.2.
Video attached. It looks to be linked to corrupted preferences but the question is which preference should I adjust without changing all preferences and what is causing this to happen?


I’m sorry, there is no video.

Just uploaded


Do you use any remote device? MIDI Remote or Mackie Control?

My guess is, this device sends the MIDI Message thru. Therefore once you trigger the button, Cubase does it, sends the message to the hardware, which sends the message thru and back to Cubase again.

Right now I do not have any device connected. If boot C13 without the preferences the issue is solved. So defitively it’s something linked to some corrupted pref but the question is which one? I also believe it’s linked to Serum but the issue is staying even when Serum is not anymore in the project