Not possible to upgrade from 10.5 to 11 (and to 12)

A month ago I decided to start playing and recording music again and bought a Steinberg Production Starter Kit including Cubase Artist 10.5 which included an upgrade to Artist 11.

I installed everything and Artist 11 is working fine BUT in the download assistant it still says Artist 10.5. although the registration on My Products at the Steinberg homepage says Cubase Artist 11 (Grace Period Eligble).

As I wasn’t familiar with the download assistant (and a bit blue-eyed) I bought an upgrade from Artist 11 to Artist 12 which didn’t worked (I guess because the download assistant says 10.5)

I contacted the support and asked why it didn’t worked and if I should have bought an upgrade from 10.5 to 12 instead.

The answer I received back (after several days) just said that it on one hand should have worked but on the other hand they cancelled my order for Artist 12 and gave me the money back.

Now I don’t know what to do and the support seems to be lousy. Does “Grace Period Eligible” mean that you can run a higher version but aren’t getting a real upgrade? Will it work if I buy an upgrade from 10.5 to 12? In “my.steinberg” area it says that Artist 11 is registered but the download assistant says 10.5. I have tried to update but when I enter the activation code received for Artist 11 (shown in “my.steinberg” it starts to activate 10.5 again?! I have tried to clean up in the eLicenser etc. but nothing works. I contacted the support again almost a week ago but no answer received.

Sorry for the long posting but after 3 weeks I start loosing my temper and would appreciate a lot if someone could guide me in order to get started? I find it out most strange that a company like Steinberg doesn´t have 24/7 service not a live chat for support?!


You don’t have to buy any update. Once you activated Cubase Artist 10.5, you got 11 for free thanks to the Grace Period. As you did this in the Grace Period of Cubase 11, you got Cubase Artist 12 for free once it was released.

Now install Steinberg Activation Manager and get your Cubase Artist 12 license. Then download Cubase Artist 12 and install it.