Not printing single-sided

May be a bug, or something I’m not doing correctly.

I have a duplex printer but I want to print out single-sided and selotape a long roll together for rehearsal / pencil annotations, but it’s not accepting the single-sided option an printing both sides.

In this case it’s a piano part from an SATB plus piano score.

The printer is a Brother MFC L2750DW

other progs such as Word bring up a print dialog, and they work fine, so I don’t think it’s the printer as such.

[Mac Pro late 2013 with Mojave]
Screenshot 2020-11-24 at 12.58.30.png

Unfortunately this has come up before with some Brother printers, and I assume it’s some kind of bug in the Qt framework. We even bought one of the affected models to try to reproduce it in-house (back when we used to work in an office and could do things like buy printers and have them shipped to the office for us to test them… ah, those were the days) but we were unable to. Please see if you can update your printer driver, or if you are using a Brother-provided driver, try using the standard Apple profile for the printer, or use a CUPS profile. If none of those options work, then unfortunately your best option for the time being is to use Dorico’s PDF export feature (on the right-hand side in Print mode, rather than via the macOS system Print dialog) and then print that via Preview. Sorry for the inconvenience!

thanks - I’m doing the pdf workaround - I’ll see if a new FW will help too.

Once again, which drivers are you using?

Brother printers default to Apple’s AirPrint driver unless you download and install the CUPS drivers for your printer from Brother. Besides letting you print one-sided — and you will be able to do this — it installs a utility that notifies you of firmware and driver updates so that you can run them from your Mac once notified.

When I upgraded my Mac last month, I discovered that I had to download the Control Center App utility and run it again to restore full functionality on my printer. Migration Assistant brought over the CUPS driver but the notification/update utility didn’t work till I reinstalled.