Not quite BUGS, more like Mites

In this thread, I’d like to start a running list of the little details. Fixes that should be made. This is not a thread for serious show stopping bugs or things that crash your system etc… this is more for graphical errors and things of that nature.

I’ll start.

When you use a key command to toggle “automation follows events” (found under edit) You will get a temporary text window on screen letting you know that you’ve changed this preference. This is the same as many toggled preferences

When you select this function via EUCON, you do not get this alert for “automation follows events”

I typically use hardware toggles for:

All of these functions via EUCON will alert me about it’s state via the little pop up. I think that all toggles should do this.

The work around is to assign the keystroke for the key command instead of EUCON.

I don’t know if this a SB issue or an AVID issue… but here’s another.

Under EUCON, protools will let you assign buttons to it’s modifier keys. You can have a botton that just presses shift so you can modify another function. I works exactly like a keyboard would.

I have tried to set this up with nuendo manually but I can not figure it out. I think that nuendo should also have this option under the hood. I would love to ditch my keyboard all together in a mix.

In the edit window,

when navigating track selection with the up and down with arrow keys

The inspector does not hold it’s setting…

For example, when the quick controls pane is open and I want to see QC on an adjacent track, I need to nav and then manually put the pane back to QC

In the mixer window

with extended views open

Occasionally, the mixer will switch the selected view when you select another track. A restart of nuendo fixes this until it starts again.

Example… I tell all tracks to show me WAVE METERS. When I select a new track either with arrows or the mouse, the view will switch to panner…

Holding down arrow will sweep accross the mixer switch all the views while it passes. I feel like this could be cool if we actually had control of that… but as of right now we don’t, it’s a seemingly random event.

I think you will find that this is related to whatever ‘function’ you have selected on your MC.

Like if you are inserts view, every time you select a new track the inserts will be open in inspector.

If you are in pan view, then the inspector will open at the channel view. If you have AUX selected on MC then you will see sends view etc…

I do notice the issue you mention with mixer views changing too. I dont think this one is MC/Eucon related and would like to see it fixed. Seems like the mixers defaults out its view per channel all on its own sometimes…

This happens all the time with the WK ID console too, and it drives me potty.
If, for example, I am using the ID’s Mixer Preset functions, and select AUDIO for audio tracks, and have these set to what ever - it can be inserts (default) or anything, and then switch to another set like groups then the mixer is now all over the place.
Switch back to audio tracks, and it is seemingly completely random as to what is in the extended view.


Thanks Sam