Not received my Nuendo 12 activation email from Steinberg after purchase

I upgraded from N10 to N11 with grace period to N12…After following all the procedures I don’t receive my email from Steinberg with my N12 activation code.

I did the same…Just going to post here hoping that there will be a response to this topic.

Did you guys find a solution? Maybe login into your steinberg account or steinberg shop account?

Nothing yet on my side. I’ve tried the shop as well as checking my account. Trying to wait it out now cause trying to log a ticket ends up in a clicking loop between web pages.

when you log into your account you don´t see it there? The code, etc?

No nothing…just the code for the Nuendo 11 upgrade…no options to update either. Tried the new Steinberg Activation manager just incase. That didn’t work

I think you are supposed to enter that code in the Download Assistant, which then takes care of passing it to both the Elicenser and the Activation Manager.

I ask because you followed the procedure, but didn’t specify what procedure.

So I used the Nuendo Activation code in the download manager and it generated an activation code for Nuendo 12 for me. Thank you for the Advice it worked. Thanks @Flavius for your efforts as well. @N1_Music perhaps try Steve’s advice as well. I’m certain it will work for you as well.