Not receiving signals from midi keyboard

Hi -
I’m setting up Cubase 6.5 on a Windows 7 computer. I have a M-Audio Delta 1010LT soundcard and am trying to connect a Yamaha DGX-305 keyboard via a USB port.

The Delta soundcard seems to work fine - I can record acoustic and other things straight into that. However, I can’t get the Yamaha keyboard to show anything in Cubase.

The Yamaha driver seems to be installed correctly and Cubase Midi Port Setup shows ‘Yamaha DGX-305-1’ for Windows Midi in and out. Input routing shows the Yamaha keyboard as well, and following the quick start guide I have set the instrument to show ‘HALion Sonic SE’. When the Halion keyboard comes up it plays the chosen instruments with no problem.

But I can’t get the program to show any response from the USB connected keyboard. As far as I can see I’ve set the keyboard configuration correctly. Is there any further midi setup I need to do to get Cubase to receive from a USB port?

Actually, I’ve just noticed that although when I play the Halion virtual keyboard (clicking ‘edit Instrument’ so the virtual keyboard comes up) it does show a volume response in cubase and plays through the monitor keyboards, it doesn’t actually record anything when I click the record button and play something. Is this a clue?

That is normal… Cubase doesn’t record from a plugin’s virtual keyboard.

Anyways, are you certain you have record-enabled (or monitor-enabled) the track?

Yes I’ve done this, thanks for suggesting it.

One thing I don’t really understand is, I have VST connections set up for mono inputs to my sound card. This is all working well. But should I be setting up a separate input for the keyboard, as that doesn’t come in via the soundcard, it comes in via a USB port? How will Cubase know to expect input from the keyboard if there isn’t an input specified?

Otherwise I can’t think of anything else I might have left out.

Ok - to save people time answering I’ve fixed it thanks. Wish I knew how but I have no idea. I did something to do with mapping a port, but I can’t retrace my steps…

Glad you sorted it (even if only by accident :wink: )