Not recording audio anymore after a while

Hey there,

I just did some recording with the Band yesterday, and there is an issue with that after about 2 to 3 hours Cubase 13 is open.

When enabling a track for recording (audio), it works initially, but after some time, it just not records anymore. The track is not changing to red, no audio is recorded. I clicked on solo, mute, back again, disable and enable recording again, then it workes again as expected. This happens from that point on every 10 mins. Even just on a single track, not multiple.

Also, after around same hours of working, solo, mute is not working anymore for about 1 minute or 2. Strange. If clicking on solo, it is not soloing, clicking another time on it, it shows the image like clicking option+Click. It’s totally stuck then, noting works, not even play or show / hide a zone.

Same as with the recording, after 2 or 3 minutes, everything behaves normally again, just magic. Maybe I can record a video next time, but its difficult because somehow it restores normal behavior automatically after a short time…

This is same on both my Mac’s. Mac Book Pro M1 Max 64GB Memory, 16" 2021, and also very same on Mac Studio M2 Ultra 64GB Memory. Running with Apple Silicon. I have not tried how it is with Rosetta at this time.

It is not a blocker as for now for me, but not nice. Cheers.


Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

Hi Martin,

thanks for quick answer. It is enabled. I mean, it is working, but it stopps working after some hours. Thats the strange thing. And after waiting some minutes, it works again.

Btw, it’s a Yamaha TF3 it’s connect to, never had issues before.

It is not the case with C12 or Nuendo 12 or Pro Tools. They all have the same permissions on Mac OS side. It looks/feels like a typical memory issue, even if it is not crashing or terminating the program, it just hangs for a while.

Thanks, cheers


Sorry, obviously I didn’t read your original post properly.

So if I understand it correctly, the recording is working for some hours, and then you have a few minutes drop-out, and then it works again (you don’t have to stop and start, it starts by itself), correct?

How is your hard drive formatted, please?


i would not say drop-outs, if a track is selected for recording, you start it with click on record, it starts recording, press space bar to stop. After the time, trying make another take on the same track or another, set the curser back to where it should start recording, hit the record butten, it is playing, but NOT recording. Not using pre-roll or punch-in or so, it should just start recording, but its not doing so.

Without changing anything, 2 minutes later it works again as expected.

Same behavior when mixing, e.g. for solo or mute. It messes up something internally, and by magic it restores its normal behavior after some minutes.

And it’s a complete fresh install of Cubase 13, no upgrades, using almost all the default settings, except colors.

Sorry forgot the HD. Its Mac default on both the Mac Book and Mac Studio, standard Mac APFS.



Thank you very much for the details.

Let me send you a Private Message with some steps to try, please.