Not responding but pushing the start bar away

I just had the effect that SpectraLayers 8 stopped responding properly, and meanwhile pushed the Windows start bar down away. Maybe it helps with troubleshooting, because I can’t really find a reason for a program to push the start bar away.

That sounds really weird and unexpected - I can’t see how a software could technically mess up with the Windows start bar… Let me know if that happens again, and if so please try to video capture it.

Thank you for your reply. But I think that SL does not react completely windows compliant. Actually, I turned off the windows feature that causes when you bump a window to the top of the screen, that then maximizes the program window. With my other programs, it actually works the way I set it. Only SL maximizes when I move its window to the top of the screen, even though I had turned off this feature in Windows.

Indeed, SL can’t fully use Windows’ windowing system because its title bar is not provided by Windows, it’s a custom title bar which embed a menu. That being said this compatibility will be improved with future patches so that it comply a bit more with the system behavior and settings.