Not Saving Visual State of AUv3 (DerVoco)

When making adjustments to settings on an AUv3 plugin (DerVoco) the AUDIO state seems to be saved when I reopen the file, but the VISUAL state looks like default settings.

This is not an issue when using the same AUv3 in AUM as host.

Hi @anchoy,

Thank you for your message.

Please share a short clip with us which shows the issue (including the steps to create the problem).

& stay well,

Hi Lars,

Please try to access the link below to a video clip which I have created.

  1. I have applied the DerVoco Mfx AUv3 plugin to a group track.
  2. I open the DerVoco app and change some of the settings, as seen in video.
  3. I close the file, then reopen it, and go back to the DerVoco app.
  4. The changes I had made are now lost, as seen visually.

Please let me know if you need anything else.



Thanks @anchoy!
I will share the issue and repro clip with the team!

Best wishes,