Hello. My SpectralLayers7 (extensions) not showing up at all.

I tried the recommended tricks, to copy the araservice.dll to the root folder of my Nuendo 10,3 (where the nuendo.exe is located), no succes. I tried to put the VST3 Plugin from Spectralayers folder to the general VST3 /commonfiles) folder, no succes. Tried to enable the EXTENSIONS in the top bar of Nuendo/Cubase no succes.

Any help for this? Thanks guys.

Do you have another ARA plugin such as Melodyne to test ?
When you open the Audio menu, can you see an Extension sub-menu ?

no… I don’t have melodyne, or other extension to test that … but you had a nice idea… I did something in that way and it worked - I installed my previous SpectralLayers 6 and uninstalled again
uninstalled also the version 7 … installed 7 again, and now it works.

So that’s it. Thanks, case closed :wink:)