Not seeing local drives to set project folder after 9.5 upgrade

Anyone have any ideas? I also tried Backup Project but it does not list my drives anymore with Cubase 9.0.30 nor 9.5.10.

Windows 7. Is there a setting that I may have accidentally changed? I have no idea why my four other drives are not coming up in the menu? I do not update Windows…

My Computer just doesn’t show up in the list. Ugh…

Well, Safe Start Mode - deleting/restoring default prefs solved it for the 9.5 update, but it doesn’t work for the 9.0.30. It seems there is a conflict of or with shared preferences folder. Not cool… Or I am doing something wrong?

I have 6 projects currently running in 9.0. I downloaded 9.5 to begin start of two completely new projects as a test.

It actually works fine for now as I already have the project folders set for the 9.0 ones, but I can’t ‘Backup Project’ from 9.0 projects as ‘Computer’ is not listed in the options for destination.

I don’t have this issue myself: I tried the backup project, I can see my PC, all the drives, network locations.

Well now I can’t even open projects from project folder in 9.0. I opens in 9.5 and gives me an error message. I must need to reinstall. Never had any issue like this before… I’m done trying with 9.5 for now.

Now this is really strange… I uninstalled 9.5. Then still had issue with 9.0.30. So I deleted prefs. Worked the first time. Second opening of Cubase I again do not have ‘Computer’ listed as a choice? I am boggled.

Obviously the work around was for me to save a template the old school way. IE save it as a file in a project folder created in Windows, but what the heck?!?

I will try a support ticket.

Hope one of you awesome guys will have some other idea as to what might be happening. :slight_smile: