Not seeing sidechain input after enabling

Hi All,
I searched all over the net for this and I can’t believe I’m the only one with this issue:

I have Cubase 6.5. I’m trying to set up the stock VST3 compressor to duck the bass when the kick hits. Standard stuff and from what the manual and other online sources say I should simply see the sidechain input on the Kick drum sends as soon as I enable the sidechain button on the compressor. I don’t. Is there some other secret setting I need to enable to see the sidechain input on the Kick drum sends?

Here’s what I did:

  1. Insert the stock VST3 compressor on the bass channel
  2. Click the sidechain button (shows reddish)
  3. Open my Kick drum inspector
  4. Click on the first open send (not insert)
  5. Expected: The Groups, Outputs and sidechain inputs
    Actual: I only see the Groups and Output submenus.

Anyone else ever see this?

Many thanks,
-T Justice

Just in case anyone is interested it looks like there might be a bug in at least the Cubase 6 Compressor. As originally posted, I enabled the sidechain on the compressor that was inserted in the bass channel. I did not see that input show up in the Sends on the Kick drum track.

I experimented with some other sidechain-enabled plugins and eventually saw the sidechain input show up (using the envelope shaper) in the Sends. Then I changed back to the compressor and the Sends now showed the compressor.

So, it seems that if you enable the sidechain in a plugin but don’t see it available in the Sends, try a couple others until you see it then switch back to the one you want.


I’m wondering if it’s an internal propagation problem.
If you setup your SC on the compressor as before (and it doesn’t show), then save and, (if necessary) close the Project, does the input then show after re-opening the Project?

I must admit I have never seen this problem before.
Usually the only time a sidechain input as you describe would be when it was used by another track instead

Sad to say: 2017 now, with Cubase Pro 9 up and running, and still the same issue…
Simple Kick drum audio channel, with effect send to the compressor sidechain on the bass guitar for ducking: sorry, not in list. Sidechaning per se seems to be working fine, as the Snare top can trigger the bottom with ease.

I have tried all the same approaches as the OP, and suddenly with the EnvelopeShaper sidechain enabled, it appeared in the list. However, all other sidechains on this channel, namely Gate and Compressor as Inserts, Gate and Compressor on the Channel strip, remain invisible even after closing and restarting the programme.

This is a very old bug, but I don’t think I have seen it since V8.

It must depend on a very specific order of events … there may be something I’ve adjusted to over the years.
Activate the sidechain first, close the plugin, then activate the insert? Open the plugin back up and then dial in. That, I think, seems to work.

I had this issue with other pluggins until I physically removed (well, moved the dll to a backup folder) the non-vst3 version of the plugin from the system and rescanned plugins.

Did not works for me. Cubase Pro 9.5 - same issue :frowning:

Hi. Same issue.

@Steinberg: What’s wrong about fixing this bug…

This is an essential feature of a good DAW, so why not getting into it?

:angry: :frowning: