not signal from 1st and 2nd input but signal from the 3th

I sometimes have this problem. I have connected everything correctly but I have not signal from the first and second inputs. However, I have signal from the third input. I have re-connected everything several times. It is connected the same as when it was working.

I also noticed that when the UR44 window opens, after opening Cubase Elements 8, sometimes the window is empty (black), some other times, just like now, it has all buttons but is not responding or clicking. I don’t know whether the problem is associated with this connection between UR44 and cubase and hot to fix it. Some help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

If you are talking about the dspMix app (that opens in Windows), that app doesn’t work when Cubase is open. Cubase takes over control of the UR44 and the dspMix app “grays out”. When Cubase is open, you must configure the UR44 within Cubase using VST connections and the mixer rack.

Thanks for you reply Jaslan. Yes, that makes sense. But why the window changes then? Sometimes is completely empty, some other times is not although not available to change. However, this is not so much the point. I was just trying to find a connection to my problem. And the problem is that the signal coming from an input (port), for instance guitar, is active in all other inputs referring to, for instance, two microphones. That is, all inputs on the mixer received signal from just one instruments, for instance the guitar (so without playing the other instruments). Before was working well and the signal would just be active on each track referring to the instrument that I am playing. Not sure whether I am explaining the e problem well…
It seems to be a router or bus/VST connection problem. But I have been doing just the same steps as for when it was working well. Thank you

Perhaps the best thing might be to post screenshots of your VST Connections (inputs) and the mixer with the input channels visible and the “hardware” rack visible.

Concerning the dspMix app, and it being either blank or just unresponsive, perhaps it has to do with whether the app was opened before Cubase starts. I really don’t think it matters though because once Cubase takes over control of the UR44 the Windows dspMix app is blocked from controlling the UR44.