Not So Squeasy, a work for stage band

Hi folks,

here is a piece of music from s short time ago. The tune was written 25 years ago with a view to arranging it for a stage band. 2 years ago I found the time to do so and this is the result. The sound source is the Garritan Personal Orchestra.

Hope you can enjoy it.


Jonathan, nice composition, again! I think you like Zappa, don’t you! Me too! I like the way this thing flows, and the odd meters. Like the last one you posted, the sound set is somewhat tinny and unrealistic. Since I’m not using these instruments in my own (amateur) recordings, I’m not the one to advise you on the sounds… I’m always staying away from the instruments that don’t sound real to me in my pieces, but others have used them to great effect. I hope someone here will give you advice on it… seems to me JVSax used some virtual instruments (mixed with his own excellent sax playing).

Another thing I notice is that it sounds like you are using the sounds straight up with no processing. I think you have to use reverb in particular (as a start) to give the ensemble a sense of space that the virtual band is playing in. That’s a very broad subject! Anyway, enjoyed it.

Yes Leon, I do use the sounds as they are. Adding reverb will help. I’ll work on that.

Zappa’s work, especially the songs from Burnt Weeny Sandwich and Uncle Meat, is absolutely amazing. Funny thing is I didn’t hear a lot of his stuff until after I wrote a lot of my music and then I discovered a like voice. I was thrilled even if I was a generation too late.

Thanks for your input.


interesting work…definitely needs some reverb…

And Billy was a mountain. :wink:

I like the arrangement Jonathan and the whole swing of it.
Some ambience would transform what you have so far.

Well, I did some renovations. The link is below.

I must say that I’m a bit bemused by the whole sound source issue. A number of years ago I put up an orchestral piece where all my sounds came from the synths in my possession. At the time I had little idea that sample libraries existed, much less how to use them. Someone here suggested Garritan. I did a bit of homework and, at the time, it appeared to be a good solution. I was happy enough with the sounds on most of the instruments and as I didn’t have (still don’t) access to the real deal the sounds gave a decent feel for the music I was writing.

To me, the music is the important aspect. I can see how to many of you the recording is the issue and I really appreciate the advice that is given. If I aim to get the best sounds then I sometimes feel that I’m trying to please everybody - we all have a point of view - and I know that’s impossible. So, I have to try to please myself.

When I put recordings up, it’s to get the music out in the public space. I’m not in the position where I think I’m going to become a recording star out of my work, but if I could find an avenue to a performance or publishing deal I would be happy. (Maybe this is not the right forum for that but I respect the people here).

Ultimately, I want to learn how to get better with everything. One step at a time - I am male!

Thanks for listening