Not solved [BON-7331]Mixer Window Full screen Second Monitor

According to patchnotes 8.0.10 : MIXCONSOLE: Fixed an issue where the MixConsole was not correctly restoring its maximized position when minimized before (Windows only).

I’m using double monitor configuration. Whenever i’m moving mixconsole to second monitor and make it fullscreen it doesn’t save it’s monitor position after closing and opening again. It opens at first monitor + it doesn’t save faders window size. I have to resize it again after moving to second monitor.


–open a new empty project.
–press F3 to open mixconsole
–drag mixconsole to second monitor
–make mixconsole fullscreen
–press F3 to close mixconsole
–press F3 to open mixconsole again

result: Mixconsole opens at first monitor

Works here, win7x64

Your displays with the same resolution ?
Maybe it’s because my displays with different resolution.

No different resolutions here, have you tried resetting the mix console?
Open mixer ALT + click on Function menu (arrow down symbol on the right side of mixer), while you hold The ALT key and the mouse key down , you can now select the : Reset MixConsole Window: that is normally hidden.

Yeah, tried it… no luck :frowning: I’ve even tried in freshly installed windows and freshly installed Cubase 8.0.10 … Same situation.

This issue [BON - 7331] is about correctly restoring a previously MINIMISED mixer window.

The issue you say you have, is when you’ve opened then closed, then re-opened a Mixer window using F3 - that’s different.

Sorry its not working for you, mind…

Have you tried dragging your mixer1 to the screen of your choice and then saving as a workspace…? Then, save another workspace, where the mixer1 window is closed. Then, just switch between these (with ALT+Num key) and don’t go near F3 again…?

Apologies if I’ve missed that you’ve tried all this already - just trying to chip in to help…


Haven’t tried with workspaces. My temporary solution is to maximize windows by dragging corners of the window. Not by maximize button. Thanks for help.

May i give a tip?
Can you try a different graphic card? Or even change drivers.I mean its not normal that many people have not this issue…