Not sure if any-one else has had this issue

My copy of cubase 6 update from 5 has just arrived today… But before i install i need to check something :confused:

When i first bought cubase 5 it was in october, i installed it on my macbook pro, and it worked fine, then i installed the update (5.5.2) - And i had a new, better layout, also the piano roll shown what key the notes were in on each note etc.

I have bought a 27" iMac since, I installed cubase as i did on the mac pro. Then i installed the update. The only problem is the update didnt make a difference, it says cubase 5.5.2 when i load it up but the piano roll is stil the same, the inserts etc. bar is set out like what it was before the update etc.

Firstly has anybody had this problem and do they know how to sort it?

Secondly i have cubase 6 sitting here infront of me, am i likely to install it and nothing happen :confused:


Edit : Also when i try to update my plug in information, it comes up with the error message ‘Registeryu Error. Please ensure this item is installed properly’ - It has been working since i installed it?

Sounds like a preference issue is the culprit… can you trash those?

Sorry to sound like an idiot but how do you mean preference issue? i.e what to trash?