Not sure what to call this one any ideas???

Was lucky enough to get 2 great players to record with me. The percussionist was away so I am hopeful to add his part soon. The mix might not be great but wasn’t so worried about it as I need to redo w/perc.

Just having the hardest time trying to title it. Any ideas for me?

Very cool! I particularly liked the sections with the flute/piano playing the melody in unison, more for the rhythm then anything. The bass sounds great too. I noticed with other recordings the bass is panned left, used to it panned right with orchestra.

Sounds nice and balanced so far, but as for a title I’ve no idea, I struggle to have interesting titles myself. It does remind me of some of the scenes in Sex and the City, New York nights etc.

Thanks, Yep did pan bass left not sure why. I had this thought of him standing right next to or behind the piano player because there are no Drums…was really unsure of it when I did. Do you think it should be on opposite side like Orchestra? I used Vienna Mir so I can place (drag) them standing anywhere in the room (Foyer)…

Jeff Coffin is playing Soprano and Flute, Byron House is playing Bass.

When I wrote I just kept thinking about Chick Corea and I was thinking My Spanish Heart or Now He Sings…now I have blank title lol . I wanted something that is Spanish or Portuguese, I’ve never been either place unfortunately and I know no Spanish Women sadly.

Could you hear the Soprano ok on Melody? I wonder if it needs to be louder

Never saw Sex and the City or New York nights…is it worth watching?

ESP…(extra sensory perception ) but I’m sure you knew that !!

Double post… oops :slight_smile:

Everytime I listen to your music I think “damn this is real music and the stuff I do is crap!” :smiley:
Seriously… I can’t wrap my head around this (in a good way). When I think how does one BEGIN to write a piece like this?? It boggles my mind!

Well done!

Hmmm not a bad title “Wrap My Head” :mrgreen:

Oh don’t get me wrong the bass does sound better to the left really, it just compliments the piano better to my ears as well as balancing it evenly with soprano/flute. The other pieces like this I heard also had the bass panned left. I remember on stage the bass player was to the right of the pianist, from the pianists perspective, so I guess it’s pretty standard. The balance between the instruments is good here, compositionally as well as the panning/levels.

All the performances are great really, so pass on my compliments to all three of you. I do like the sound of flutes and orchestral instruments though :smiley:

I’ve heard the name Chick Corea, and maybe I have heard the music, but I’m not aware that I have at least. Perhaps you could suggest some artists to listen to? I really like this kind of stuff you’ve written here, but some of the noisier more busy jazz doesn’t do anything for me personally.

The soprano levels sounded fine to me. Overall a really good composition and performance.

Some parts do sound a bit Spanish, but overall I got more of a city at night vibe when listening. And as for Sex and the City, it was aimed at women as a comedy, but a lot of guys including myself find it hilarious too.

@cmaffia Like composing for any genre you need a good listening history of it. So the only way you’ll wrap your head around it is to listen to this stuff on a regular basis and learn how to play songs like this so you get used to the chord progressions and style of melody writing :stuck_out_tongue: It’s easy to see how this would be composed from analysing it as a composer. But some of the jazz chords, progressions and colourings in there are beyond my knowledge, which makes it that extra bit more enjoyable to listen to. Listening to stuff like this really does inspire me to want to learn jazz myself though. So once again very well done to Kenny.

This one sounds great to me Kenny. I like the Corea vibe. Now you need Airto and Flora to join you!

Jonathan, Your orchestration and arranging are amazing I am certainly a huge fan so I had to ask. I am always looking for criticism and suggestion :slight_smile: Shadowfax made a suggestion about ESP for title which I loved till I looked it up on you tube. I had forgotten Miles Davis had a record out w/that title and I would be afraid to go there lol. While listening I noticed that recording had Piano and Bass on left and Sax , trumpet right. It was a 60’s recording of great quality. I need to listen more closely for that kind of stuff…thanks for the education!
There are really only 4 or five chords in the song. It’s the rhythmic ideas that make it sound like more than it is. I could really easily break this down for you, It’s very simple… Let me know if you’d like the sheet music and I will PM it to you.

For you and @cmaffia …a way to get to know Chick Corea
Return To Forever and Spain…this is what moved me years ago
Spain - YouTube
Chick Corea –Piano, Stanley Clarke –Bass Joe Farrell – Flute-Sax Flora Purim – vocals, Airto Moreira – drums
A beautiful piece called Crystal Silence
Chick Corea & Gary Burton - Crystal Silence - YouTube
Chick Corea -Piano Gary Buton -Vibes

This is great, very nice playing and writing!

Whilst listening to it “I Dreamed I Stopped Traffic With My Maidenform Bra”

Wow, I’m very flattered, thankyou ^^ When it comes to analyzing I am a lot better at picking apart the orchestrations in detail than the actual chord progressions. I played electric guitar as my first instrument at age 15 so I just played melodies by ear from the CD’s instead of acoustic strumming/fingerstyle and picking up on the chords. I’d guess that’s why I have a harder time picking up on chord progressions than melodies.

It’s certainly tough naming songs and trying to make sure songs in the same genre isn’t named it lol.

I guess it doesn’t particularly matter where they are panned as long as it is balanced. But I think just given the notes and rhythm of the piano/bass they just compliment each other better being panned to the same side and it definitely works perfectly in this piece.

Quite surprised there’s only a few chords, but picking up on chords is my weak point as mentioned! :smiley: They sound great though and interesting. The sheet music would be really fantastic, it’d be great to learn things from this piece, so that would be very much appreciated thankyou. If there’s anything I can do in return let me know :slight_smile:

I think I’ve heard some of that Spain tune by Chick before, my friend got into jazz stuff when we were younger, but I was still in my closed-minded “if it isn’t metal then it sucks” phase so I didn’t pay attention :stuck_out_tongue: I really enjoyed the first 4 minutes this time round though. Gotta admit the soloing/improv did bore me but the more melodic based sections were really fantastic. Same for the Crystal Silence piece, loved the intro but I like repetitive hooks and motifs instead of too much improv/solo. Vibes look seriously hard to play to that level, he’s a fantastic performer. I’ll be checking out more of their stuff.

Hi I don’t have a name suggestion but I really like the track. It sounds rich, clear and well produced.

Whilst listening to it “I Dreamed I Stopped Traffic With My Maidenform Bra” [/quote]
Joan this might be a great title but it is difficult to visualize :slight_smile:
Tried to find your compositions could you share???
Thankz for listening

Funny you say that, I do have my Airto playing on it, we just finished it just don’t have the waves yet :frowning: I have been trying really hard to find a Flora type vocalist do you know anyone??? I worked with a guy at Namm that was crazy good (sorta like Bobby McFerrin) but very pop. He had three women singers and crazy harmony all inside cluster voicing. I asked one of the girls if she sang the world stuff and she said yes, Guess I will find out soon enough


Great playing by all involved. :sunglasses:
Very nice soloing, Kenny!

Jeff plays great, is this the Jeff Coffin who played with Bela Fleck and Dave Matthews?


That’s a pitty, Mr. kzarider! I saw the scene clearly before my eyes, and no, I would never dare to subject people to those abominable “compositions” of mine. I think, there are more intelligent ways of committing social suicide.

Good luck for your title search!


How about…Adamo, Latin word :to fall in love or find pleasure in,
Halcyon…means carefree,
Talisman…means charm or magical device,
Candidus…Latin word meaning bright…shining…white… hope you find something, cheers, Kevin

I see purple and brown. Most likely reflections in a lively pond.
This is somewhat 2d (not 3d), i do not know why; there’s a surface where quick moves take place.

I would call it Aquatic Life.

Thanks and sorry :slight_smile:

This sounds beautiful.

How about “Pasos Juntos”? (Steps together in Spanish, according to Google translate)