Not switching to headphones

Firstly, I’m aware this issue has been raised before, but I’ll do it again because clearly Steinberg has done nothing to fix it, and the Australian customer service is telling me it’s not their problem.

Basically, when I run Cubase, I will only get sound through my Macbook speakers. When I plug in headphones, they seem to not be detected, and sound continues coming through the speakers, and on top of that, the volume controls stop working.

This happens consistently, every time, with every pair of headphones I try.

As I mentioned above, this issue has been raised before and as far back as August:

What is being done to fix it? Bottom line is, I cannot use Cubase without headphones, and if customer service keeps denying the issue exists, I will be asking for a full refund.

I’m on Cubase 10 on Macbook Pro 2018 OS Mohave


This is an known issue on Cubase side with the new iMacs and MacBook Pros. I believe Steinberg is working on a solution.