Hi there ,heres another oldie but baddie ive attempted to re-mix , don`t know why my ears are buzzing :mrgreen:

Pretty cool…like the guitar work in this…yeah…it’s up there…good stuff…Kevin

thanks kevin , wouldn`t mind some feedback on the mix also . thanks.

i like the CHORDS on the Intro !! And the balance between the two guitars on the Intro. Funky :mrgreen:

cheers monsterjazzlicks.what chords ,there are only two.

Hi, regarding the mix…I tend not to get into criticizing/discussing mixes unless there is something clearly stand out wrong, everyone of us on this forum would do it different regarding mix or arrangement and if someone clearly needs help then we should point out the areas where it could be improved.

your song/mix/arrangement is what it is, it’s your style and it works as a demo/master/whatever…nothing stands out as particularly “wrong” …to my ears it’s a good listenable song and anyway I’m not sure that I’m qualified (yet) to pick out points about other muso’s mixes…did such a thing recently and things got a bit weird.

best to you…Kevin

fair enough , i can relate to that.

Really Nice playing. I like this song. Kind of has a white soul vibe. Love your pedal steel licks. Back ground vocals are cool.
I don’t have anything to say about the mix. It sounds good to me.

it’s a great song…harmonies are spot on and the mix was great

Hi, I find the mix a bit thin. I think it could do with a bit more bottom end. Especially the drums could do with some more presence and punch.

cheers, play that funky music white boy :laughing:

thanks a lot ferencz.

thanks for the comment ,its something im trying to work on ,and i`ll bare it in mind.

I love your playing. Really like the part where you play wah on the right and double it without wah on the left. Great song too. If you forced me to make a suggestion, I’d say more drama in the drums… more fills, more variety in the way they’re played. But it just sounds so great to me.

thank you Early coming from such an acomplished musician as yourself ,i take that as real compliment, thanks . yeah programing the drums is a pain and can take up so much time as any one could testify , and i find trying to write in good sounding fills is a bit hit and miss at the moment ,but i look upon the drum machine as being a temporary measure and eventualy i would ideally like to get a real kit on the recordings .

Enjoyed listening to it! You put your own stamp on this song and I like your sound. Michael

Great tune and gtr work. Vocals kick too. Like everyone said the drums but oh well that’s been covered.

thanks for the nice comment michael

thanks for the nice comments ,i assume you are talking about charlotts vocal which kick ,my vox kinda limp and wimp. :laughing: