Not transposing for some reason?

I’m having a strange problem with a file (attached below). For some reason the parts are simply not transposing even though transposing layout is selected. Any idea why?

7o and 13o composition v31.dorico (2.8 MB)

Same thing happening in this one. What am I doing wrong? It must be me… Does it have to do with the tuning system somehow??

5o and 11o composition v4.dorico (1.5 MB)

I don’t think microtonal tuning systems can transpose in Dorico. Could be wrong.

From my experience with custom microtonal tunings, Dorico can transpose the music but only if you have all the right accidentals included in your set. Sometimes, there was some missing, let’s say a double sharp with an arrow, and Dorico could not transpose the music. I was using the interval tool though and not the transposing layout, so I can’t confirm if this is the same problem here.

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Interesting. What exactly do you mean by the “right accidentals”?

It definitely can! I’ve had great success with it in the past in quarter tone, EDO, and HEJI systems. That’s why I was so confused why it wasn’t working for me now.

Well, I remember a few cases where by transposing a whole section I would need double sharps or double fats with arrows let’s say, which I haven’t included into my custom set because I would never use them by purpose. But since Dorico carefully respects the enharmonic rules it was unable to transpose the whole passage.

Thanks for the help @francisb. Here’s what I’ve got. Every pitch delta integer accounted for between -18 and +18 in a 72 division of the octave system. Should work, no??

Here’s the doricolib file (in a zip so that I can upload here)

1:4, 1:6, 1:12 tone system with septimal (8.6 KB)

That doesn’t seem to be what you have in the “5o and 11o …” file you have above, which I’ve just had a quick look at. In 72-EDO, if you have, say, a B with a +5/72 accidental, and you transpose it up by the difference between Bb and C (12 divisions), then you need a C with a +11/72 accidental - 6 divisions more than the original accidental, because the amount of the transposition is 6 divisions more than the difference between B natural and C natural. You don’t have an accidental with +11/72 divisions.

Thanks @Richard_Lanyon you’re absolutely right that my “5o 11o” file didn’t have all of those accidentals. BUT, I added them all like in the screenshot above and it’s still not working. I even started a new project just to test with that tuning system (the one I made the screenshot from), which has every division from -18 to +18. And, no luck! Very odd! It must be my fault but I can’t figure out why!

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I figured it out. I really don’t know what it was. I just recreated the tonality system from scratch the same way and it worked. Perhaps a bug but more likely some human error somewhere that I still can’t identify. Anyway, it’s solved!!! Thank you all!

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