Not updated:Cubase 10.5 does not see the Cubase 4 license

Greetings! I bought the Cubase 10.5 version to update Cubase 4.
But Cubase 10.5 does not activate, notifying that it does not see the Cubase 4 license,
although Cubase 4 is active and the USB licenser is working normally .
Cubase 10.5 I bought the day before yesterday on the site, Cubase 4 was purchased in 2012 in a box with a USB key. The dealer in Russia does not respond to my request, and it is not possible to write directly to Stenberg technical support from Russia. Everything that could be done by following the instructions on the Stenberg site I did, but it does not help. What should I do?
I really hope for your help I write using machine translation, sorry if my English is not very good


I deleted the two attachments, not recommendable to post personal information and serial numbers publicly.

The dealer in Russia is Yamaha in Moscow, I worked day in day out with them for years, they reliably forwarded this kind of information to the Support Team in Germany.
Please make sure you contact them using the form linked here:

Fabio, thank you for your answer! I’m glad there’s someone alive on the other end of the line! I wrote to the dealers again and again received an automatic response, I give it below. In this situation, it may take a month or more before I get an answer. I can’t stay out of work. Maybe you can return the Cubase 10.5 purchased with a discount for the upgrade, and buy a new Cubase 10.5 for the full price??? So that my old license is not needed for installation. I’m willing to spend extra money to speed up the process.
Thank you for contacting Yamaha support!
This message was sent To you to confirm receipt of Your request. Please don’t answer it.

Information about the work of the Yamaha support service in the period from March 30 to April **30, 2020.
Yamaha Music (Russia) takes all necessary measures to protect the health of employees and customers and strictly follows all recommendations and instructions of the relevant government authorities.
In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the support service of Yamaha Music works in a reduced mode.
Please note that in the current situation, it may take us longer than usual to prepare a response. We ask you to treat this with understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

With respect,
Support service
Yamaha Music (Russia). **According to the statement of our President not working days are extended until April 30

I see… working from home too, we’re all on the same boat.
I don’t have access to the user accounts and the licensing server nor the shop, so I cannot help much here, sorry.

From what I saw in the pics you have posted, you either have a malfunctioning dongle or a wrong license upgrade/update type.
(if the dongle still works with C4, then it’s likely the second).

If you didn’t use a trial already, I’d strongly recommend to request one, so you can keep on using Cubase for 30 days from the activation.
This would also test the functionality of your dongle and give you a time margin to get a reply.
If you have problems with this, please send me a PM.

Hurray! I received the answer by Yamaha dealers. thank you Fabio, but I’m ready to be in touch

Great to hear. But I removed your mail address from your post :wink:
Spam-bots harvest forums looking for mail addresses to target.
Should you have issues, I’ll be here (not going anywhere these days, quite literally).