Not Upgrading to Cubase 13. Looks like a disaster judging from the forum

I will wait until bugs are fixed.


Thanks for sharing!

Why not wait for the trial version, then, and decide for yourself?

No one is forcing anything on you.

I think the new features are great. The GUI needs a little work.

I would certainly not call it a “disaster”.


I haven’t upgraded - mostly because Canadian pricing is unreasonably high compared to what the currency conversion rate should be.

So I don’t have personal experience with the new version yet.

But I’ve been around long enough to suspect that the flood of C13 issues forum posts currently on the forum are a mix of 3 very different types:

  • Cubase newcomers and users upgrading from much older versions, that worked quite differently. Numerous of those posts turn out not to be bugs.

  • Preferences and other settings not having come across from C12, so now C13 behaves differently and users don’t know why. Numerous of those posts turn out not to be Cubase bugs, once the C13 preferences or settings have been adjusted.

  • Real Cubase 13 bugs. However, quite a few of those are posted numerous times, for a variety of reasons, from people not even trying to search for pre-existing posts, to the fact that using the right search terms isn’t easy for less experienced forum users to the fact that the forum’s search function isn’t all that great. Add to that, the fact that many (most) bug reports - even when totally legitimate - aren’t tagged correctly or even expressed well at first, then even the best search engine combined with experienced searchers will have a rough time detecting duplicates.

As a result, the storm of C13 bug reports appears bigger than the number of bugs should warrant. How much bigger, I have no idea, though.

So I’m waiting until trial versions are available to find out for myself how buggy the current release really is on my system. And hopefully by then Steinberg have done something about their punitive Canadian pricing.


I like Cubase 13 Pro and yes there are a few bugs but on my system (Mac studio m1 max / RME-UCX) it is running stable. It‘s for sure no desaster.


Sure wish I could even download the freaking updates, because the download assistant is effing useless. All my projects are at a halt because my old versions of Halion Sonic, etc have stopped working and I can’t get the newer versions to work. Very frustrating!

It’s not a disaster , you just have to be prepared for the worse case scenario , if you not up for the gamble , just wait like just all other Updates BUT the question still remains … For how long this time?

There is no need for Cubase 13 to run Halion Sonic 7, it works with older Cubase versions as well.


I certainly agree Canadian pricing is exorbitant relative to other currencies


According to the forum - where the prime existence of the forum is to post when you encounter an issue?

Everyone else is busy making music happily.


All good here on Ryzen 7 Windows 11 with Nvidia GTX 1050.

I nearly didn’t upgrade primarily because of concerns about the new UI appearance, but I’m pleased I did.

For me all is working well, C12 projects opening fine, no crashes so far and although the UI bright whites are indeed hideous, that should be fixed in the maintenance release.

Those irritations are definitely outweighed by the other improvements to the workflow.

Just sayin’ …


This is one hell of a great info. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

When the word bug appears in post’s title

  • If it looks like “bug?” decent chance it is a real bug
  • But if it looks like “BUG!!!” it most likely isn’t actually a bug

Forgot to add I’m really glad to have upgraded. Works great here.


I’ve honestly had 0 issues with Cubase 13. The one issue I had (a freeze and a crash) was due to a problematic VST/VSTi.


It works great for me. Not a single crash so far.

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FWIW Cubase 13 has been the smoothest Cubase upgrade I’ve ever encountered (and I’ve used it since before it even was Cubase). No problems whatsoever over here.

YMMV of course, but as others have pointed out in this thread, forum posts are weakly correlated with product quality (due to huge selection bias).

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It’s not a “disaster” for goodness’ sake. Yes, it has issues, and some of them should be fixed asap. But the word “disaster” is hyperbole to put it lightly.

As a rule of thumb, for anyone who is cautious, it’s good to wait for a few patches anyway. Right now, we’re on 13.0.10, and they’ve already stated they are focused on bugfixes right now, so 13.0.20 is sure to come soon, maybe a couple of weeks is my guess.


I always install the new version beside the old one so I can test and if there’s an issues I can keep working with the old. So I don’t understand the problem.

Out of that … C13 works absolutely fine (windows10, amd-video) its stable and except some minor bugs with the interface (hope to be fixed very soon) I transfer all my resent project to C13 (about 8 of them). After full testing honestly I was surprised that I feel comfortable to continue working with the new version, didn’t even saved the project’s old versions :slight_smile:


Exactly what I do too. In the off chance (as in has never happened yet) something forces me to wait for the bug fixs & use the prior version - then that is basically the same as waiting for the fixes from the get-go.


Cubase 13 is working absolutely smooth in my system. Highly recommended it.
I had an initial graphic glitches but it has been fixed with the workaround for NVIDIA graphic card. Thank you Steinberg.