Not very tight quantize

Hi guys. I just realized that when you are recording midi, the performance is not as you played it.
For example, in Logic when you play something, it is recorded as you played it. Is this normally in Cubase Thanks.

Any suggestion? Thanks

You don’t say what kit you are running on nor explain what you mean by “performance is not as you played it”.

If the latter means the timing is off you might be able to sort that out by ticking “Use Windows timestamps” in the MIDI port section in the Device Manager. Otherwise give us more details and we might be able to help.

I think he means latency when recording a midi note from a midi controller. You will have to set your latency on your sound card to a very low buffer like 64 or 128. That should do it.

Thanks guys.
Limit54 you are right. When I’m recording midi note with my midi controller, it’s a little off.
I’m using mbox2, and my buffer size is 512. iMac 10.9.2. But in logic it’s good. Thanks