Not wanted triplets!!

At the end of bar 29 I wrote a triplet. Automatically the first quarter break of the first beat of measure 30 was diveded into triplet breaks too. When selecting the triplet bracket of bar 30 to remove the triplet, also the triplet bracket of bar 29 is selected. So it is not possible to remove it.

What can I do to enter a simply quarter note at the beginn of bar 30?
Ich wär gern Homö (1.76 MB)

I haven’t downloaded the project, but I can guess that what you’ve done is add a quarter note tuplet that is split over the barline (this will become obvious if you select the existing tuplet and switch on its “Spans Barline” property). Delete it, then enter an eighth note triplet in its place.

Thanks, that’s right. But one has to be very careful not to use quarter notes.

You either need to check the note value that’s selected at the point you invoke the caret, or specify exactly what you want in the popover e.g. 3e:2e