Not what I ordered

I don;t know why I have to post here a forum rather than being able to email for support but there appear to be no other options.

I purchased an update for LE AI elements 9 to Elements 9.5. I paid the bucks and downloaded the 6. GB of data plus the update package. This was successful. I entered my product key to activate the software. However when I open cubase it tells me I have Cubase elements 9 not 9.5.

What is going on???

You’re running the wrong executable file. Search for “Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5” using the Windows start menu, or go to “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5”

Paid Cubase updates are installed side by side so you can make sure that the new version works fine on your computer before uninstalling the previous version.

Okay - thanks very much for that info.

I sorted everything but now am stuck on a licencing issue when using the elicences …

I created an account, registered the product, did everything in that dept. But when I select to have the licence activated and C&P the
Activation Code that was emailed to me, I get the message;

“Currently there is no licence available which can be upgraded by your upgrade licence. Please connect an USB-elicencer which holds an upgradable licence to your computer.”

I have run the online synchronization and maintenance and all 6 steps were completed.

eta I have read here about the USBelicencer but have no idea why it went that way as I just want the computer licenced rather than use a USB stick…

Which version of Cubase did you have before exactly? Which one is listed by your eLicenser Control Center? You might have bought the wrong upgrade.

LE AI Elements 9

As can be seen here one can choose which update is applicable…

“Upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Seque”

That’s not the exact version you have. Is it Cubase AI 9? Is it Cubase Elements 9?

Please run the eLicenser Control Center or your previous version of Cubase and tell me which exact version is shown.

That is what is says on the desktop icon…

This is what it says when I open it…

Then you own Cubase Elements 9, and you should have picked the “Update from Cubase Elements” option from here:

Please contact asknet support here to request a refund. Explain that you bought the wrong upgrade:

The reason why the desktop icon says “Cubase LE AI Elements” is because the same executable file is used by these 3 versions. The version that’s loaded depends on what license you have.

Should I have selected Update from Cubase Elements rather than Upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Sequel? Ah I see you have posted saying as much…

The link you gave gives many options but nothing which appears specific to my problem - how do I actually contact a sales rep?

Okay sorted - I found the New support ticket function, Have asked for a refund and will now delete the software from my computer. Thanks for you help here. It can be confusing

Hold on, you don’t have to delete it. You can just buy the right upgrade and use Cubase Elements 9.5 while you wait for asknet to respond.

No I can’t because I cannot activate 9.5

You couldn’t activate Cubase 9.5 because you had bought the wrong upgrade license. If you buy the correct one, it will work. Then you just have to wait for your refund.

So lets see if I understand you here…I can keep what I have already downloaded and when I pay for the correct upgrade license i shouldn’t have to download anything else and just get the new access code for my new purchase and use that and that should work?

I do have another question related to this - checking out my products it shows Cubase AI 9 and Cubase Elements 9.5

but as noted the download size for 9.5 is only 93MB

When I view my eLicensers all that shows is one for the 9.5