Not working Cakewalk: Z3ta+ in Cubase 6

Good morning,
I have just re-installed my computer from zero.
I have installed Windows 7 home preminum x64 with all drivers for my HW and I have installed the latest WinUpadates.
I have installed Cubase 6 (64bit version) and I have tried all my usual VST and VSTi plug ins. Every plug in work fine, but cakewalk z3ta+, which works good on Cubase 4, Cubase 5 it doesn’t work in Cubase 6.

My configuration:
Gigabyte UD4 P55 rev. 1.0 with all latest bios drivers and chipset drivers
Intel Core i5 750 2,8Ghz with auto turbo to 3,2Ghz
Kingston DDR3 1600Mhz 2x2GB Ram
GeForce GTS250 PCI-e Graphic Card
1x 320 Seagate Barracuda 7200.10
1x WD 500GB 7200.10
1x Samsung 1,5TB green
1x Samsung 500 GB
2x DVDRW / Labelflash / Lightscribe
1x ASUS 500W powersupply

1x Motu Ultralike MK3 FW
1x PowerCore PCI MK2
1x Access Virus TI desktop (USB)
1x Roland SH01 gaia (USB)
1x eLicensor USB
1x iLock USB
1x Samsung external USB HDD500GB
1x Verbatim external USB HDD250GB

Software configuration:
Windows 7 x64 home premium + latest updates
Steinberg Cubase 6 upgrade from Studio 4
PowerCore SW plug ins
PSP StereoPack
Plug ins from Wavelab Essential
Cakewalk: z3ta+ - version 1.4 and also upgrade to version 1.5.3.

The definition of problem:

  1. Starting cubase from desktop Icon
  2. Click on Other projects -> EMPTY
  3. Starting empty project
  4. Right mouse click to add new channel
  5. Choose Instrument Track -> cakewalk: z3ta+ (VST2x plug in for version 1.4 / VST3 plug in in version 1.5.3. - ALWAYS installed only one version of plug in never both in same time on computer)
  6. Channel has been succesfully added to empty project
  7. Clicking the left mouse button on button called “Edit instrument” in left column
  8. By clicking on the instrument it looks like the instrument will be opened, but the window will freeze in the small width with “close icon” in the top.

This is the screen of this mistake:

  1. After this mistake you are able to delete the instrument track from project, but if you click on another window in Windows, the cubase will freeze and you have to use Force Quit of the Cubase.

It looks like a bug, becase in cubase 4 & 5 it works fine. Maybe it is caused by 64bit version of cubase 6 (i had only 32bit version of cubase studio 4 before and my friend had cubase 5 32bit version).

Any decision?

Thanks a lot!

I found the problem… the bug is Steinberg VST32 -> VST64 bridge.

For some plug ins the bridge works bad… if you use jBridge software everything works fine.
I am a little annoyed if i have paid the money for full cubase software and i have to pay next money for the 3rd party software for full functionality of Cubase…

Has there been any updates for this plugin in recent memory?

I dont know about any. Plug in is frozen like unload plug in so no memory usage no sound… not only the graphic mistake :slight_smile:

The solution is jBridge or using 32bit.

Cakewalk are known not to enjoy Steinberg revolutionizing the DAW so it’s likely left for dead unfortunately like many plugs.

Z3ta+ was one of the first plugins to go 64bit, iirc.
I have the 64bit version working fine under Cubase 6, 64 bit.
There is almost no info though … 1.5 is certainly available as an update in 32 & 64 bit.
There is also a 1.53 version.
It’s ages since I installed this (when I first got Cubase 5 64bit) so I can’t remember what was involved.