Not working enter, stop, delete key

I updated to 13, but the enter of the start key and the stop key
space doesn’t work. And delete key doesn’t work either.
I tried opening the key command several times, but it still doesn’t work.

What does this mean?

When I open the file and click enter, Start doesn’t work.
Of course I can’t stop either. Also, the Delete key does not work with Track and Editor.

Did you understand my explanation?

To start or stop in Track and Editor, you must press caps lock + enter / caps lock + space keys at the same time. What I want is to remove caps lock. In my 10.5 program, it works even if I press enter and space.
I made a lot of changes to the key command, but it doesn’t work. Start and stop are used the most, but they are very inconvenient.

cubase 13. HALion Sonic SE is not visible in Add track->instrument.
please give me direction on what i should do

I didn’t, actually…

I didn’t really got that one either, but never even tried to use the Caps Lock key, I admit. What we would like to know, I think, is : are you able to open the Edit > Key Commands window or not ? Because your first post suggested that it wasn’t possible on your end.

If you are able to open it, I would suggest you to make a preset of your existing key commands set, then use the Default button to reset all the assignments and see how things go from there.

As you are using Cubase 13, it’s not HAlion Sonic SE that should appear, but HAlion Sonic 7 which is listed simply as “HAlion Sonic”. Does it appears when using the Default plug-ins collection in the Add Track > Instrument dropdown list ? If not, do you see it as installed in the Steinberg Download Assistant ?

I opened the Edit > Key Commands window and modified it several times, but it doesn’t work the same way.