NOT working on the chain gang

Hi, can anybody out there in Cubaseland please please explain in very simple language how to sidechain a compresser onto an echo so that when the vocal is present it reduces the echo and when the vocal stops the echo becomes louder, I’ve tried the cubase video on this but they seem to assume a certain amount of knowledge that I aint got…and it never works, I’m missing something but I can’t figure out what ( a brain probably ) if you can help, thanks,Kevin

Actually the Cubase delay can be sidechained to do this on it’s own!

Whether using the delay or compressor sidechain, it’s the same process.
At the top of the plugin is a small button next to the preset browser the lights up orange when activated.
The plugins sidechain is now activated, and you can select it as an output for any send from any channel.

what I’m having trouble getting my head round is, I have a vocal track, I open an fx track with a delay plugin, then I open an fx track with a compresser , I want the compresser to be triggered by the vocal track to suppress the echo a little during singing, so does the delay need to be sidechained or just the compresser and where do i put the compresser ? do i put it as a send on the delay or on the vocal, I’ve been going round in circles for 3 hours and have got very confused with it all. nothing I’ve tried seems to work and given that I’m rubbish with puters I’ve got no chance really have I ? thanks for your time and help, Kevin

As I said the cubase delay can do that without a compressor, but if you insist of using a compressor then, if your using a seperate FX channel you should probably put the compressor in slot 1 insert and the delay slot 2 of the same FX channel, then the gain reduction of the sidechained compressor will “duck” the input to the delay when vocals are present on the side chain, if you put the compressor after the delay the compressor will “duck” the delays. So it depends on what you want.

Hi, excuse my ignorance split but how can the delay duck itself during a vocal without the delay being compressed by a compresser, if there’s an easier way I would like to know it please, thanks again for taking the trouble to help…don’t wanna ruin anybody’s Sunday…kevin

Just watched a vid on youtube that did what you want. :sunglasses:

Yeah…thanks for the link…

You’re welcome. :neutral_face:

Seems you can type as you’re posting here. Why can’t you type the question into Google? That’s what I did and the vid was the first result. A little self-help goes a long way. :sunglasses:

It seems you can read so why did you not understand my first post…understanding routing is a big problem for me dunno why, just have difficulty with it…like i said in my first post I’ve tried to follow them but it’s not happening for me and I thought this was the place to come for help, not the place to come and be told to go off and find out for yourself…my mistake…

I notice your a new member…maybe you don’t understand that this is a help forum…

Here we go again. :unamused:

There are Cubase vids on the install disk and in a forum section here. At no time did you say “I watched the video at youtube.” in your posts. I tried to help you by pointing out there was a very good one there that explained things as simply as possible. If you can’t understand it, you should maybe think about another hobby, this one doesn’t seem to be for you. :sunglasses:

My hobby is music, playing and writing …not computing or engineering…and it’s sad you should be taking on such a belligerent tone…why ? I totally suck at computers and suchlike and came here for help and end up talking the likes of you…by your reckoning this forum does not need to exist because we can all “google” it…

Then get a tape deck. :unamused:

Again, for the last time, I tried helping you by pointing you to a good resource that gave a good explanation. A better explanation than 1,000 words here could give.

You’re the one that got snippy because nobody spoon-fed you the answer.

Ever hear the expression “You reap what you sow.” I’m done with you now. If you’d have watched the vid a couple of times instead of whine here this conversation would be moot. :wink:

Been watching the vids and will eventually figure it out i suppose… your really quite nasty and i hope our paths never cross again…why are you on this forum, this forum is about being nice and friendly…something you need to google to understand I’m sure…

Just put the Cubase delay on the vocal channel insert, (or FX bus) activate the side chain and select the sidechain from the vocal tracks send bus. Voila, side chained ducking delay :sunglasses:

Oh no, I hope you didn’t just leave because of one person?

The cubase delay has a sidechain function that does just what you want, I use it quite a lot.

exuse me my friend, that is not correct,a duplicate vocal track should be created then place the delay effect in the insert of the first vocal track, then activate the sidechain of the delay, then select the duplicate track and in the output dropdown menu select the delay that was set up to chain, doing it the way you suggest results in the chain effect being greyed out when you go to select it…


I’m sure I’ve used the Cubase delay on the same channel channel as the sidechain (maybe I’m mistaken!)