Notate 2 quarters in the space of 3 eighths

Philip Rothman showed a function in Dorico that I had not known about before. Unfortunately there is nothing about it in the german or english manual. Can you learn more about when to use this function.

Thanks Eggi

I can’t find it in the documentation either. The English PDF manual doesn’t contain the word “contracting”.

It means that the ratio that is displayed is reduced to the smallest equivalent numbers. For example if you define a 6:4 or a 12:8 tuplet, the contracting ratio property will display 3:2.

I would suggest that the term ”Use contracting ratio” be changed in a future Dorico version. Behind Bars pages 204–205 also use ”contracting ratio” but means all tuplets. This Dorico feature in the book is called traditional notation / contemporary notation. For me this is a little confusing.