Notate half note syncope in 3/2 meter

How to notate half note syncope in 3/2 meter after another note.

I have tried all the possibilities in notation options (I think) and also tried “lock duration”, but cannot notate a halfnote instead of 2 quarter notes tied together. Any help?
Strauss half-note.jpg

I think you misused lock duration. In order for it to work, you must enable it (keystroke o) and then input your half note. It does not work in a retroactive way.
Hope it helps!

You might probably input the meter for this bar with [1.5+1.5]/2 in the shift+M popover in order to have automatically the right bindings. I have not tried it though, because I am far from my laptop :wink:

Decimals aren’t yet allowed in time signatures … that will be very handy for more flexible beaming (cf. )

Thanks to you both. I tried Marcs suggestion number one. It worked. I also tried to make the measure in 6/4, but then the E in flute and obo changed to 2 tied quarternotes.

Marc’s is the “of course” solution.
1.I marked the quarter-rest in Cl. 1, tapped ENTER
2. Tapped 7 for a half note
3¨Tapped “force duration” (o)
4. and tapped F# on the keys.
That’s it. Simple and easy as many other functions in DORICO.

It is interesting to write pieces into Dorico with the purpose to find the most rational way of working. What hand on the piano-keys? Is it best to write the notes first and ties, slurs, accent etc. afterwards? Use copy-paste?
One of my most used features is shorten-lengthen (shift/alt + arrows) to adjust the length of notes and hairpins/crescendos - - and combine that with Insert (i) if you have made a failure in note-lengths and have to move the following notes.
Strauss half-note_002.jpg