'Notated Durations' different to 'Played Durations' after MIDI Import


I have a series of orchestral MIDI files that have been fully quantised (note starts, lengths, ends etc.) to how they should be displayed in a score. This is so that when they are imported into notation software (Dorico, in this case), there should be minimal work needed to change note lengths. However, when importing these MIDI files into Dorico, the displayed note lengths (separate to beamings/groupings) are not exactly the same as the quantised MIDI. The most frequent example of this is a rhythm which should be displayed as quaver note, quaver rest but is being displayed as a whole crotchet even though the midi file is quantised to grid as a quaver.

I have checked in the ‘Play’ window and the ‘Played Durations’ view shows the rhythm correctly (the ‘Notated Durations’ view obviously displays the rhythm incorrectly, as it is in the score). I have also tried various combinations of options in the MIDI import window but still no luck.

Is there a way to stop Dorico from displaying note lengths differently to the played note lengths? or to revert the displayed note lengths back to their original played lengths? I can see where re-writing note lengths could be useful but in this case I can’t find a way to do this without changing the note lengths manually (which I have already done in Nuendo to prevent this from happening).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

Maestro Music UK

There isn’t currently an option to do this. If you already have everything quantized as you like it then you may find you have better results exporting to xml instead of MIDI

Thanks, Paul.

Will give this a go!