Notating cymbal rolls

I am writing a part that includes a kick and snare playing crotchets on beats 3 and 4, and a cymbal roll playing a minim. Because the cymbal and snare are both up stem voices, the cymbal is split into tied crotchets. This doesn’t look right to me, but neither does creating a separate upstem voice. Is there a correct way of doing this?

Besides having a new voice I’m not sure how you could do this.

Is this for one player? Unless it is for more than one player I can’t see how it would make sense.

In setup mode unfold drums (click on >) and click on the dots, select edit percussion kit and make the snare also downstem. So you have kick and snare downstem and the cymbal upstem.

To me it is often more logic to have snare downstem because you can more easy see that the hi-hat or cymbal pattern stays the same and the kick and snare interact. If you have linear patterns with paradiddles divided between hi-hat and snare, it is better to have the snare upstem because you regonize faster the rudiment. So what is best depends off the type off groove. In the example you gave I think the snare downstem is the best.


If you follow the “notes played with hands = stems up” and “notes played with feet = stems down,” create a second snare that uses stem down and only use that version when a roll on the cymbal requires a sustained note above.

drumStems.dorico (507.6 KB)