Notating fretting position to trigger keyswitch to change hand position?

Some of my nylon string guitar VSTs offer a keyswitch to change the playing position up or down the fretboard. Is there a way in Dorico for me to indicate that shift or at least trigger a keyswitch to shift, e.g. from open position to 5th fret? I’ve looked around and I’m not seeing it yet other than the extensive fingering and string selection features (which are super cool!). I’m assuming that I’ll use an expression map to do this, but what articulation or notation will trigger it?

Any advice? Thank you so much.

I expect you should be able to do this by defining your own custom playing technique in Engrave > Playing Techniques. It doesn’t need to appear in the score itself (you can use the ‘Hide’ property to hide it, so that it appears only as a signpost). You can create your own playback playing technique, also in the Engrave > Playing Techniques dialog, and then provide the appropriate actions (in terms of key switch notes or MIDI controller values) in Play > Expression Maps. The final piece of the puzzle is then assigning your new expression map to the channel that’s playing back your guitar in the Endpoint Setup dialog.

Thanks, Daniel. I was able to get this to work as expected. Awesome!