Notating Scales and Modes


I would like to notate scales and modes - how can I do this without a time signature or bar lines? Dorico seems to want to force a time signature… I’m sure this is easy but I can’t figure this one out! Any help greatly appreciated.

Use an open time signature. In the time signatures popover (Shift-M), enter an x to create an open time signature. If you’d like, you can then hide the time signature using the properties panel.


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Welcome to the forum @Dan_Moore !

If you’re starting new projects from the Hub, then they do start with a time signature and bars by default if you don’t change anything, but if you start a new project from scratch, there’s no time signature. Dorico let’s you use open time signatures freely (and indeed, your flows don’t need to have a time signature input at the start at all).

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Thanks for getting back to me - I’ll give that a go!

Thanks for the reply - I’ll try this out.

(Just in case it wasn’t clear – you can also say “no time signature” from the Hub! Simply untick the box that says “time signature”)