Notation AND slashes

I am doing a chart that requires rhythm slashes and some notation but my score will only show one or the other?
If I select a bar with rhythm slashes and then select display as normal notes it changes the whole score - I just need that particular bar to display the notes.
Can I do this in Dorico?

Try selecting the notes you want to show as normal notes and choosing Edit > Voices > Change Voice > [the voice you want].

If you choose Edit > Voices > Up-stem voice 1 or Edit > Voices > Rhythmic Slashes > Normal Notes (for example) that changes the voice type of the entire voice, whereas “Change Voice” changes the voice of just the selected notes.

I think I have the same question too. If I’m trying to combine notes and slashes like this, how do I do it?

As soon as I create a slash region it hides the notes. If I select the notes first and Change Voice, and then apply the slashes it still hides the notes. Once the slash region is applied, anything I enter is hidden. How can I have both notes and slashes?

This video explains how to do this (around 7 min 53 s):


Helpful video, thanks! Also, Properties/Show Other Voices, will show the notes, duh!

This then puts rests above the notes ???

Got it - Select bar - Edit - Remove Rests :slight_smile: