Notation Bug?

Hello everyone,
i think i have discovered a bug, or at least i am unable to find the solution to my problem…

Bar 56 (see image) is a regular bar of 4/4 and it doesn’t write the 8th-note, although it clearly says on the left, that it should be one.

It shows the correct notes when i write the same notes but in the first half of the bar.

Any ideas?!
Dorico Bug|690x324

This is an 8th note … but the bar is condensed so much that it collides with the beamlet of the preceding 16th.

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That system is overfilled, as is the previous one. If you’ve previously reduced the top value in Layout Options > Note Spacing, put it back to something more sensible - the default is 4 spaces.
Or if you’re manually forcing music into systems using the Make Into System button (or System Breaks set to Wait for Next), don’t!

If you really do need to squeeze this amount of music on each system, consider reducing your staff size (Layout Options > Page Setup), increasing your page margins and/or increasing your page size.

If you have Dorico Pro, try going into the Note Spacing mode in the left panel of Engrave mode. Once in that mode you can move individual notes/chords/beats left or right (using keyboard shortcuts), but more importantly, each system will show a percentage at the right hand side. If that percentage is over 100, Dorico’s telling you that it doesn’t have space to do its job properly.


As the others have said, you have too much music on each stave. At no point should noteheads ever touch like that. It appears from the bar numbers that you have set the casting off to have 8 bars per stave. Try 6 or even 4-5 for much better results.

Crumbs. Fixed casting off hadn’t even occurred to me. One of those features I seldom use…

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Pretty rare for me too. I basically only use it if I have a nice round number of bars with simple phrasing and want to fit it neatly into X # of pages.