Notation / Counting

Hi Everyone,

I’m quite new to Dorico and currently just running the trial version of Elements. So far I’m really enjoying it but I have a few questions.


  1. I’ve found it a little tricky to add counting (1 e & a etc) to rhythms. I used the Lyric function but ran into problems when the note pitch changed.

Ideally I could click the first note, hit space, then enter the count. It skips notes probably because its meant for lyrics.

Any suggestions? I should point out that its mainly for drumkit use.

2. I installed Dorico Elements, then decided to try Pro, however once installed Dorico reverts to Elements.

Is there a method to correct this?

3. In Elements is there a way to force a System to the full width of the page?

Looking forward to hearing for anyone.

With thanks,

  1. There may be a better idea but you could enter the notes so that there is something on every beat, put in the lyrics, then tie notes together. Dorico will respell the rhythms, but the lyrics will stay put.

For justifying the systems, I believe that’s in layout options (Ctrl-shift-L). Staves and Systems I think… cant remember. There’s an option to always justify final system.

For lyrics, I believe you can try entering eighth notes in a second voice, add to the lyrics, and then delete the Notes. I think that would preserve the spacing.

The option to extend the final system to full width is Layout Options > Note Spacing.

Thank you everyone for your assistance. It makes a huge difference and it’s very much appreciated.