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Can somebody tell me if there is a huge difference between the notation editor of the professional 9.5 version of Cubase compared to Cubase elements 9.5 is there a document showing the differences and possibly a video

Alan Russell

The Cubase Pro version of the Score Editor is quite fully featured.

I don’t think anyone has a done a direct comparison between the Cubase Pro and Elements versions, but you can take a look at the manual to get a rough idea of what it can do:

The Score Editor included with Cubase Elements and Cubase Artist is pretty basic.

The Elements and Artist Score Editors do not have Page View, Layouts and only have the Note layer, so everything you add to the score will go into the same layer. It does print though, and you can set the page size in the OS page setup dialog. As RT says, its pretty basic, but good for a quick chart if it’s simple.

The Pro version includes page view- which provides separate layouts depending on which tracks are included, and automatic layout of pages. You could have one layout for the entire score, another for the string section, another for individual instruments, and so on.

Project, Layout and Note layers permit designing the typography of the score, and the Pro version includes Expression Maps, which allow you to create text and symbols that send midi commands to the midi or VST instrument.

The Score Editor can also display the Chords from the chord track, has a tool to enter metronome markings in a flexible way, i.e., for the same tempo: 1/4=120 1/8=240, 1/2=60 (displayed as notation of course).

Several users here on the forum, and I, do a lot of work in the score editor- so feel welcome to post questions.

thank you Steve The information and your offer

Alan Russell

Can somebody walk me through the screens in Cubase professional 9.5. I have six bars of individual rests and I want to convert it to a six bar rest For the trumpet part on midi track 2


Alan Russell

  1. Be in Page Mode (Scores>Page Mode)
  2. Score Settings>Layout tab>Multimeasure Rests
    Set to at least 1
  3. Update Layout: Scores>Auto Layout
    Move Bars and Staves

Video demo here

Manual chapters:

thank you. I got it to work. I kind of wish the insidec rest bar and the number were one much larger like we usually see in professional charts

You can configure these in the Project tab under Notation Style. The Score Editor is is very configurable.

If you explore the dialogs and spend some time reading the manual the payoff is great, imo.

Thank you so much for your reply And taking the time out to assist