Notation Express Dorico 4.3 Update?

I stumbled across this paragraph in the D4.3 release notes:

It would be great to see the state of the notes panel reflected on StreamDeck when working in Dorico. Is this functionally planned to be added to Notation Express in the future?

You’ll need to ask @davemacdo or contact NYC Music Services about that – Notation Express is not a Steinberg product.

I’m aware of this. But as far as I know they are frequent visitors here as well.

It’s been possible to get information about certain bits of information about Dorico’s status in the past, however because of the way Stream Deck works, this can really only be reflected in a single button, so that’s often not particularly useful. Perhaps other applications could use it, but I don’t think we could. (I’m open to being wrong about that.) If we update with 4.3 features, I think it’s probably more likely to see things like keys for launching the Generate Notes from Chord Symbols feature or some of the new Key Editor controls. I’ll talk to @Philip_R about it.


We will look into what’s possible/practical here. At the very least, we hope to update Notation Express to take advantage of some features specific to Dorico 4, especially now that 4.3 has been released.