Notation Express for Dorico 4 is out

Thanks Philip.

This is like magic! the buttons are so beautiful, I could just press them all day long for the hell of it. :slight_smile:

And I love how it automatically switches back and forth between Sibelius and Dorico.

Special thanks from my right arm (still recovering after shoulder surgery last week).

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Thank you! Yes, it is working for me too now.
I did not realize that I shoulg go to ctrl alt delete and kill the process entirely.
Working fine now.

Do we have to do this every time we start Dorico?

Unfortunately yes, for the moment. The teams are on it though, so hopefully this won’t be necessary for too long.

Ah, thanks, Marc! We will be patient then.

I’ve been known to do that from time to time. Best wishes for the recovery.

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Will right now purchase the profile from NC for my iPhone7+. Bravo!

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Just got my XL from Amazon yesterday (free same day delivery, woohoo!) and am LOVING it.

One teensy-weensy error, though. I tweeted @ Notation Central yesterday about one icon issue that I’m not sure if they saw, but at any rate, be aware that in the key signatures submenu (on XL, I don’t think it appears on the 15-key mobile version), the button that sets to C# major has the icon for C# minor. But if you look at the pattern of the rows of keys, you know it should be C# major, and it does, in fact, set the key to C# major. I couldn’t figure out how to change the icon. (I mean, I know how to change an icon on StreamDeck, but don’t know where the icons are stored or if they’re accessible to us for replacement)

@Steve_Sensenig Thanks, Steve! Sorry I missed that tweet. Glad to hear you’re loving it so far. Thanks for catching that. We will fix that up in the next update, for sure. Until then, avoid composing in that key :wink:


I resisted the urge to crack some joke about how I’m sure no one would ever notice the wrong icon because no one writes in that key! LOL :wink:


And even after it is fixed. Wind players the world over will be ever appreciative. Maybe we should just delete that option altogether.:slight_smile:


I’m having a major issue with my StreamDeck and and NE XL for Dorico 4.

When I press the Dorico 4 icon, Dorico 4 opens. When I try to change note values, Dorico does not respond. When I try to add articulations, Dorico doesn’t respond. Dorico responds to the keyboard commands, just not the StreamDeck commands.

I have installed everything the way that the installer said, Under remote in Dorico preferences, I see the plugin.

*** Edit ***
If it helps, I did update to Dorico 4.0.10. And no luck with it it working.

Any help would be great!

OK, I uninstalled all aspects of the Dorico 4 profile. Cleared the plugin from the remote section of preferences.

I did a fresh install, and things seemed to work for now. I’ll keep this forum topic in mind if I run into any other issues.


To my knowledge, they haven’t issued a patched version of notation express just yet.

Oh, THAT’s who those guys were who came and knocked on the door today.

Robby, what you describe is the *normal * behavior here, meaning you need to quit totally the Streamdeck app, relaunch it (while Dorico is open), and then everything works as is supposed to. It’s been reported they’re working on it, so I hope it will work better in the next version :wink:

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Thank you Marc!!! I’m glad to know I wasn’t going crazy.


I’m currently testing a new version of the plugin. Seems to have fixed the issue.


Yes, we are making good progress. Expect this to be fixed up in a forthcoming update.


Your last podcast is priceless. This new Notation Express is really worth the while (@dan_kreider ), this new API is GREAT!


I have A StreamDeck XL arriving Monday – my first step into this world. I’m planning to buy NE for XL of course. My question is whether I should wait for the updates or just jump in. If I understand it correctly, the product selling at this moment supports the direct commands in Dorico 4 (no shortcuts needed) and the only real issue is in getting the Stream Deck recognized by Dorico. Is that correct?

If I install the current version now, is there any complication in updating that when the patch is available?