Notation Express XL Stream Deck Profile for Dorico 4 vs previous versions

If you create a custom SD action to open a program, does SD on windows not automatically populate the app icon? It does on Mac.

no, unfortunately, it did not.
it automatically puts a Stream Deck icon (a little rocket ship).

Well, if you can’t find the original file in your computer, you can just Google ‘Dorico icon’ and a whole bunch of images pop up.

I’m presuming they have to be in a .ico format?

I’d still like to know how to go about finding that icon in the Dorico folder.

AHA! Found it.

I had to do a search through my whole PC’s structure, looking for “dorico.ico”.
eventually found it in a god-forsaken folder with a name that would invoke some satanic presence from the pits of Hell.

I just copied and saved it to my “pictures” folder.


Hi. Just had an Elgato XL for Xmas
With the standard Notation Express XL keys, it flies along well - really helps me to go quicker with my ageing fading memory of where stuff is in Dorico.

However, on the Beamings/Tremolos sub-folder, my most used command in D4 is the Z-on-stem for drum rolls and I cannot see it in NE.

Am I being thick or blind?

So, if it is not there, would somebody please be kind enough to take an old-timer step-by-step (preferably in baby talk!) in how to add that function and icon to NE? Cannot seem to find a simple video explanation on how to do that in NE XL.
I would be very grateful
Thanks in advance

Well - no answer from this forum but wrote to NE and got this excellent reply the next day:

#Z tremolo · CleanShot Cloud

So, for anyone interested in customising their NE and are clueless like me, watch the video.



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Sorry, the copy and paste should have been this

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I was curious what you guys think about the difference between using the Stream Deck Standard, or the XL with the Notation Espress for Dorico? I have the Stream Deck Standard and am wondering how much I’d gain by getting the XL version. Thanks.

Personally, I like having an XL; you just have so much more space to see things. The smaller one requires more page scrolling and whatnot.

With an XL, I can have (almost) all my favorite functions on the primary layer. YMMV.

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Same here. Bigger is better.

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I’ll offer a different opinion. I like the smaller 5x3. Everything I need I can put on 15 buttons and I find it ergonomic. And it’s less expensive of course.


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences @Romanos @YourMusic.Pro and @lafin. I really appreciate it! I think I will try it first on the 15 button SD as I have it already. And then if maybe upgrade to XL. Unfortunately I don’t think Notation Express offers an upgrade path to the XL profile, do they?

It’s not a particularly onerous fee, and if you were really determined, you could take the smaller profile and adapt it to a new larger layout if you were that put out.

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Anyone have a solution to it tending to get pushed across the desk as you use it? Especially if I have it tilted a fair bit to read them.

I ordered the StreamDeck XL today from Amazon Canada. I had planned on getting it in the next few months, not right away, but this thread made me look it up, and it is currently on the biggest sale that it has been in the past year (it was at this price briefly back in June or so).


@mducharme thanks for the heads up! After seeing your post I too ordered the StreamDeck XL, also from Amazon Canada.


In terms of a Film Scoring Template for Dorico, does any of you have any recommendations if there is a worthwhile one for sale? Something that will same time when doing parts, etc. Or is there a place where dorico users share their orchestral templates?

There is this one, just discovered it yesterday:

Was going to buy it but haven’t purchased it yet.

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My Stream Deck XL just arrived and I installed the Notation Express XL profile. I’m already blown away by how easy and quick it is to access so many options.

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