Notation font (like Opus) for shift+x text

Is there a font included with Dorico that includes all note types / notations etc? I need to write a metric modulation instruction “dotted eighth note = quarter note” in notation, but I can’t find the correct font when i enter text using shift+x

Of course there is. It’s the font Dorico uses to display the music itself - Bravura.

For text, you will probably be better using Bravura Text, which has the same characters as Bravura, but positioned better for mixing with “ordinary text.”

A full graphical “index” to the characters is here: Alternatively you can search the font on your PC. The relevant characters will be in the Unicode “private use area” which is near the end of the (very long) list of characters in the font.

Rob is on the money, as usual, though I would suggest Bravura itself and not Bravura Text in this case: the positioning of the glyphs suggests as much, and Bravura does have an equal sign (while Bravura Text doesn’t!).

You can copy and paste the following as Text and change the Character Style to Music Text:

  =  

While we’re on the subject of metric modulations: just yesterday I needed a more complex metric modulation, and I’ve realized that there are glyphs solely for a triplet — none for all the other divisions.

Neither Bravura nor Bravura Text includes an equals sign. You should use the ‘Music text’ character style (the top right menu in the text editing popover) for the notes, and the regular paragraph style for the equals sign.

Well, I didn’t poke around the glyph set for this occasion (though I’ve done it on many others), but I hit = with Bravura armed and it output a character. I guess it was an automatic stand-in provided by the operating system. It behaved differently with Bravura Text, for some reason.

Thanks for the responses. I did assume that there would be a way of doing it, but (as yet) it isn’t quite as easy as selecting a font, typing ‘e’ and having a quaver appear. For the time being I have installed that-other-program for the Opus fonts as when I tried to use ‘Music text’ I was still presented with only alphanumeric characters.

Any plans to implement this in future? This is assuming I am not being a complete idiot in my approach! My skill set is with lines and dots rather than fonts and glyph sets :slight_smile:

We plan to implement metric modulations either using its own popover or within the existing Shift+T popover, in which case you will be able to type things like “q = e” or “7 = 6” (the latter referring to the keys you use to choose durations in Dorico). Until then, you have to do the leg work yourself, I’m afraid.

That is great news