Notation for a key change is placed between two notes

How can I fix bar 32? What did I do wrong?

It looks as though you’ve actually input that key change twice. Select and delete the key signature that’s midway through bar 32.

I see what happened. I entered the key signature then later decided that I wanted to change the setting of Engrave Options/Key signatures/Cancellation of naturals… to “Traditional”. I assumed it would redraw the existing notation whereas it instead inserted the new one. Ok. Thanks.

Your change of Engraving Options explains both the presence of the cancellation naturals on the first key change, and the absence of cancellation naturals on the second key change (as the second key change has nothing to cancel). I’m sure that when you delete the first key change the second one will acquire the cancellation F natural.

I suspect you clicked (or typed) a second key change in the wrong place. Not that it really matters, as long as the solution works.