Notation for improvised solo - not specified number of bars

Hi everyone

I would like to indicate a solo section, with a non specified number of bars (the performer would improvise as long as they want). Would anyone have any suggestions on what to do to indicate that?

Thank you!

Are there chord changes that get repeated?
If so, I would add repeats around that section and indicate “until cue”.


Similar to Benji’s answer above, I’ll typically just mark the repeated section “Open for Solos”

… and then mark the next section “On cue”

Unless you mean a completely free section, in which case I just use “Free” and then whatever happens next.

Hi Fredgunn! What font are you using? I mean, the bold serif one?

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I switched a couple of months ago to Ingeborg by Typejockeys as my default text font in Dorico now. I think it pairs well with music, and has just enough character without being too quirky.


this is a nice font for the reasons you cite. There are some lovely glyphs and some wonderful curves, and yet it is rooted in traditional typography. very nice.

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Thank you for the reply Benji. There are no chords in that section. All free time for a percussion solo

Thank you! “Free” might just be it!

I would love to know the steps to setting up the Free section and how I write those commands into the score. Or possibly lead me to where this is discussed. Even section A I have not figured out yet. Hope I’m not asking for too much here. Thanks