Notation--Grace Note Placement Before Barline (Not Dorico)

This has been a bugaboo for a while. Notes converted to grace notes that occur as a pickup to a downbeat seem to intransigently snap to the primary note’s measure, which looks/and is wrong. This is an extreme example with many notes, but sometimes it’s preferred for a rapid succession of notes, in that it describes which notes in the “gliss”. Even if it were one or two grace notes, it still seats them IN the same measure as the downbeat. I’ve not figured a work-around.

Any clues?

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 4.31.37 PM


Could you please change the picture in any graphic software, to the expected result?

He wants the grace notes to be attached to the previous measure, so that it’s clear they are “pickups”. That’s to say, they come before beat one of the measure displayed.

A check box for placing “Grace note before barline” in grace note properties would be welcome.

In the meantime I would suggest the tuplet approach as a workaround (the same technique is used in Sibelius).
But in your case I can achieve it only for 7 x 32nd grace notes.

You’ll have to play with Tuplets and Display Quantize settings to get the results you want.

See the video for details


I am happy to know that there is a solution to this problem … I was about to ask the same question! … A bit of a long job … but for the moment it can go … thanks !!!

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Ick. I’d rather just have the player pencil move the bar line at the session. It’s never been a prohibitive thing. Thanks for all the verification that it is indeed a thing. I was hoping to be a dumbass. I’m sure there’ll be many more opportunities!