Notation input (newbie)

Definite newbie question so apologies.
Just writing a few bars in 3.5 for simple string quartet.
Great that numeric keypad an option. The . (dot/del) on the keypad - I guess I can map this to be the .> on the main keyboard for dotted notes?
Also, I find it weird that the duration values on the notation dialogue decrement as you move right. Can I make this dialogue look like the numeric keypad or can I at least make it go 16th - 8th (up) quarter - half rather than the other way around. I associate increment with right and decrement with left.

Go to Preferences > Key Commands, then search the list for dot. You’ll find it under Note Input (dotted notes). Then add the shortcut on the right side of that dialog.

The on-screen panel is not customisable.

Thank you.