Notation input problem dotted rest

Currently I am testing Dorico Pro, as I would like to use it as my main notation program (coming from Sibelius).

And all is going pretty well and beyond my expectation.

However I did hit a brick wall when I try to input the notation shown in the image. The problem is the dotted rest, I am not able to create it as in the example.

I tried to search for this specifically but did not find any answers.

Can anyone tell how to input this notation example in Dorico, and create it with the dotted rest?

Any suggestion is welcome.

Notation 1

Welcome! Typically when inputting in Dorico, there’s no need to input rests at all. Set the input grid to 16ths, input the A in the correct spot and Dorico will automatically create the dotted rest for you:

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If you’re not seeing a dotted rest, check in Notation Options > Note Grouping for relevant settings that affect the current meter.

For local instances where you need to override the default settings for how rests appear, here are the relevant steps for inputting rests. You may also find this page about the difference between implicit and explicit rests in Dorico helpful - explicit rests are ones you’ve input with Force Duration active.

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Thank you for your quick and swift answers.

FredGUnn and Lillie_Harris: I did try your suggestions/solutions and it works like a charm. :+1:

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Fred’s approach is good, but if you don’t want to change your grid, get used (during note entry) to using “,” then entering a ‘dummy’ note of the right duration. Next switch off the rests with another “,” and carry on entering notes. (It takes a little getting used to as you think you are entering something but nothing is happening, except the caret advances. But once mastered, it is very quick)

Or just press Space to advance the caret by whatever note duration is currently selected in the Notes toolbox - usually the same duration of the last note you input?