Notation issue-notes outside of trimmed events show up

There’s an issue in notation. If I have midi notes in an event and then I drag the event borders in and those notes are now outside of the event (and do not play), they still show up in the notation and are greyed out. They look the same as muted notes, but the problem is if I use the MLE to select and hide all muted notes, these notes are not counted. So they are not technically “muted” in Cubase’s eyes. So is there any way to select these “greyed out but not muted” notes to hide them in the notation?

Hi @mbira , your question has also occupied me for some time.
Unfortunately, there is no option in Cubase to automatically hide MIDI notes that are greyed out because they are outside the part boundaries.
For notes that are outside the defined pitch range, there is the possibility of automatic hiding in the notation in the preferences.
It would be helpful if Steinberg expanded or supplemented this setting option accordingly.

To solve your problem, I would possibly change the workflow a bit.
My suggestion would be that instead of changing the part borders and only covering notes, you could use scissors to cut off parts that are not needed and delete them. Then, logically, they no longer appear in the notation.
In order not to lose the original version, I would create a new version of the track before cutting and deleting it (by duplicating).

Otherwise the only solution would be to manually hide the grayed out notes in the note editor.
I don’t see a way to select the greyed out MIDI events via MLE.